Cincinnati restaurant launches new pizza vending machines

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A restaurant in Clifton is putting a new spin on how they're serving up pizzas. Pizza Vending Machine

Mac's Pizza Pub in Clifton is testing out its new pizza vending machines.

The restaurant posted on Facebook pictures of the vending machines. The machines have a touch screen for ordering where you select the products you want to order and swipe a card to pay. You can also pay using their mobile app.

The machine says pizzas are ready in three minutes and are made with homemade and local ingredients.

Restaurant owners said the University of Cincinnati has ordered several machines to be up and operating by the start of the fall semester, with more universities coming soon.

"These are about to be all over Cincinnati," Mac, of Mac's Pizza Pub, said.

He said they serve more than just pizza, including cookies, wings, shirts, cheesecakes and more.

The restaurant tested out the machines this week for a line that went down the block.

They plan to have them go live Friday night.

Mac, of Mac's Pizza Pub, said he reached out to people around the world on the design and technology to make sure it was the best available.

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