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It's about the size of a deck of cards, has a 1,200-mAh battery and never needs ink. Portable Cash Register

Go label-printing crazy with this $30 rechargeable thermal label printer - CNET

Once you have a label-maker, everything in the house looks like something you want to stick a label on. I know that it's a disease, but I don't want to be treated -- I just want to keep labeling stuff. Traditional label-makers are clumsy and annoying, but I love compact thermal printers designed for labeling. The Aibecy Label Maker, for example, is a sleek portable thermal printer that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and prints instantly. I adore it. The printer usually sells for $40, but right now you can get the Aibecy Label Maker for $30 with promo code 8GYVOGKR at checkout. The deal expires on April 30, while supplies last. 

The Aibecy Label Maker is roughly the size of a deck of cards and holds a roll of label tape and a 1,300-mAh battery that's good for roughly five hours of use. As I mentioned, it's a thermal printer, which means it prints exclusively on thermal paper. By heating the paper as it passes through the print mechanism, you get a black and white printout without the need for ink. It doesn't print in color, but you'll never have to buy replacement ink cartridges or deal with blotchy printouts or clogged nozzles. It should print perfectly for the life of the printer. 

Aibecy sells replacement rolls of label tape: You can get a 22mm-long 260-label roll for $12, or a slightly longer 30mm-long label that comes in a 210-label roll for $14.  

The app is pretty easy to use -- you can add text or creates barcodes, QR codes, add images, tables and more. Of course, remember that each label is only 12mm high, so you can't go crazy with what you're printing. But whether you want to slap labels on the flour and sugar containers in your kitchen or create QR code clues in your escape room, this is an affordable little printer that can get the job done. 

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Go label-printing crazy with this $30 rechargeable thermal label printer - CNET

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