A Butcher's Guide to Making Burgers - WSJ

That iconic, big, juicy burger is a beautiful thing, done right. Pro tips from grinder to grill

Cincinnati butcher Josh Lillis of Eckerlin Meats maintains that making the ultimate burger is much simpler than most meat-splainers claim. Ball And Mill

A Butcher's Guide to Making Burgers - WSJ

Step 1: Cut the chuck into roughly 2½ inch chunks. Place in a bowl in the freezer for 1-1½ hours. Place grinder parts in freezer for at least 30 minutes.

Step 2: Fit grinder with coarse die. Remove meat from freezer and immediately run it through the grinder, piece by piece. Catch in a cold bowl.

Step 3: Mix meat lightly with hands to evenly distribute the fat, then run through the grinder a second time. Catch meat in cold bowl as it passes out of grinder.

Step 4: Take ⅓ pound ground beef and lightly form a ball shape. (Do not overwork.) Place in center of a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper. Fold edge over meat and press to form a 1-inch-thick patty.

Step 5: Place patties on a sheet pan or plate and place in freezer for 30 minutes so that the patties hold their shape while cooking.

Step 6: Remove patties from freezer. Season with salt and pepper and place on grill (or in a cast-iron pan over medium-high heat). Cook 3½ minutes. Flip once. Cook 3-3½ minutes more.

Pro Tip: Besides freshness, the correct fat content is key for flavor and texture. Mr. Lillis recommends a grind with a ratio of 75-80% lean to 25-20% fat.

Adapted from Josh Lillis, Eckerlin Meats, Cincinnati

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A Butcher's Guide to Making Burgers - WSJ

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