Currently, replacing a broken oil boiler is likely to cost the average home around £2000, but if the proposed ban were to be put in place from 2026, a heat pump replacement would cost £13,000.

According to a poll conducted by Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), 85% of voters promised not to support their MP if they enforced the ban. 79% of those asked also viewed the oil boiler ban as “unfair discrimination”. Water Wall Hung Gas Boiler Burner

Proposed 2026 oil boiler ban will cost homeowners £13k

EUA’s Chief Executive said: “The ban on oil boilers is about to get very real for millions of families, as it will MPs.

“When asked, 85% of voters said they would not vote for any MP that backed a ban costing them an extra £11,000 just to keep warm. That’s what a 2026 ban on oil replacement boilers means.

“The government consulted on this issue and have yet to publish their response, but the ban is part of their Heat and Buildings Strategy. It is due to start in 2026 and voters are not really aware of the consequences.

“It has not been spelt out to them that government is not going to pay; they, as homeowners, will have to find the extra £11 grand themselves to fit a heat pump.

“What is particularly unfair and discriminatory, is that those who live on the gas grid won’t face a ban until 2035, and then only if heat pumps have fallen to the same price as a gas boiler. Those using oil or LPG, mostly living in rural areas, have no such protection.

“Homes using oil or LPG are viewed as ‘low hanging fruit’, easy to pick off, but MPs have been warned. Rural homeowners are not flush with cash; they often live in hard-to-warm homes and frankly a heat pump may not be suitable for them.

“With 79% of voters arguing that such a boiler ban is unfair discrimination and 85% promising to withdraw support for any MP backing the ban, it really is a matter now for politicians to take notice. If they don’t, then their P45s will be in the post after the next election.”

Proposed 2026 oil boiler ban will cost homeowners £13k

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