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The UCAT is one of the most difficult hurdles of the medical school application process and often can be very challenging if you are not aware of the exam techniques. For this reason, we've designed a 6 hour intensive masterclass which will not only help in familiarising yourself with the content of the examination but also cover each section of the UCAT examination in detail.

BMAT Master class

The best way to improve your score in this examination is by refining your exam technique and practising questions under timed-conditions as each section is very different in the type of questions asked and the skills required. The approach to each section will be covered in this masterclass and with the guidance of our tutors and the tips we will provide, you can definitely achieve your highest score possible. All our session materials are created by medical students and doctors who have been successful in these exams.


Our interview specialists prepare potential medics for both panel interviews and MMI. At DreamMedic we understand the need to sound passionate and genuine about careers in medicine whilst not appearing over prepared at the interview. We teach students how to sound genuine, spontaneous and enthusiastic so they are ready for all challenging activities and can communicate their ideas clearly at interview. All our interview sessions are led by a team of interview experts who are either medical students or doctors on the interview panel in various universities. We offer specialist university targeted guidance where you get a mentor from the university you have an interview offer from, so that they can guide you specifically targeting that university.