Interview Preparation

University Of Glasgow

  • Panel
  • 2 individual 15 minute interviews and a computer based exercise which explores ethical awareness and critical thinking.
  • Interview dates December - February
  • Interview topics
    Work experience. Hobbies and interests. School work. Knowledge of the veterinary profession. An understanding of the realities of the veterinary world. Personal attributes. Current affairs.

Royal Veterinary College

  • MMI
  • Designed to test different attributes, characteristics at each station, intended to test applicants non-academic attributes and suitability for the course
  • Undertake an observed group task for which you are scored, and will be added to total score
  • o Applicants are selected based on their total score – the threshold is determined by the number of interview spaces available in any given year, not a fixed number

University of Bristol

  • Applicants are not routinely interviewed (in most cases, admissions decisions will be made on the basis of the application information alone)
  • In some circumstances where an interview is deemed necessary:
    • Conducted by at least two people, with at least one of whom have been trained in fair and effective recruitment techniques

University of Edinburgh

  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an assessment half-day; have the opportunity to find out more about studying veterinary medicine in Edinburgh and undergo a series of short interviews
  • Candidates invited for assessment day will be provided with more information about structure of day

University of Liverpool

  • To be shortlisted for interview, applicants must meet our academic criteria and have declared at least 1 week of work experience on the online questionnaire
  • MMI
    • About 9 five minute stations, with each station having a specific focus (eg. Knowledge of the profession, ethics, motivations for wanting to study veterinary, ability to think critically)
    • Interviewers have standard set of questions and scoring system (marked on factors such as communication, awareness of relevant ethical issues and whether interviewer considered you to be suitable candidate for the profession)

University of Nottingham

  • Conducted by two members, lasting approximately 30 minutes assessing:
    • Motivation, insight into a veterinary career and interest in veterinary topics
    • Academic ability, communication skills, animal orientation, personal attitudes and fitness to practice as a veterinary surgeon